best bike kickstand

Best Bike Kickstands

Cycling is an epic sport and is a huge amount of fun. Going on long bike rides with loved ones and ripping down trails at full speed is something we can all enjoy. One unique thing about cycling is the equipment. Not only do bikes come in all shapes and sizes, but so do many accessories too.

One accessory, in particular, we are often asked about is kickstands. Many bikes come with kickstands, such as hybrid bikes and cruiser bikes, but it’s also very common not to have them on other types of bikes. Many cyclists don’t know that you can buy add-on kickstands. In this article, we’re going to tell you about some of the best.

hybrid bike with kickstand

What makes a good Kickstand?

Before we start, here’s what we look for in a kickstand.

1. Adaptability

When we look at add-on kickstands, we want them to be able to fit onto as many different bikes as possible. Not only will it mean it will fit your current bike, but you will also be able to use it on future bikes you might want to buy.

2. Design

The design of the kickstand is very important too. We want it to be able to fit on bikes properly and work properly as it should. If the design is good, the stand will be much smaller and much more efficient.

3. Cost

When we look for kickstands, we want them to be good value for money. Just because some cost more doesn’t necessarily mean they can do a better job. We are very interested in value for money when buying bicycle accessories.

Best Bike Kickstands

ZosenChainstay300g22” – 29”$11.49
LumintrailUnderbolt570g24” – 29”$29.99
SatawayUnderbolt445g22” – 29”$16.99
RockbrosChainstay X2413g24” – 29”$14.39

1. Zosen

Attachment Type: Chainstay

Cost: $11.95

Rating: 4 / 5

Weight: 320g

Fits: 22” to 29” bikes

The Zosen is one of our favorite kickstands on this list. It’s excellent value for money and is one of the most adjustable stands you will find. The first thing to mention is it looks fantastic, and we love how minimal it is compared to other stands on the market. The fact all the insides are hidden does make it blend into the bike well. It even comes in two different colors, white and black.

This stand attaches to the chainstay, and all the Allen keys required come with the stand. The kickstand is very easy to attach and will take less than 5 minutes. It only attaches to the chainstay, so for heavy bikes might not be ideal.

 It has a protective rubber strip, so you don’t scratch the paint, and a rubber plate for floor grip and protection. Coming in at 300g and costing only $11.95, it’s definitely worth investing in.


Looks minimal

Different color options



Not great for heavy bikes

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2. Lumintrail

Attachment Type: Plate Bolted

Cost: $29.99

Rating: 3 / 5

Weight: 570g

Fits: 22” to 29” bikes

The Lumintrail stand is a double-leg stand and a great way to go if you have a larger bulkier bike. It’s quite a large stand but does have a lot more to it compared to other stands on this list. The double-leg system is excellent and does make this stand by far the most stable on this list.

It can attach in two ways. You can either bolt it to bikes with a stand plate under it or use an adapter to bolt it directly to each chainstay. This might take a little longer to set up, but it will offer much more support than other stands. Another great feature of this stand is the adjustable legs making it adaptable and easier to use.

Coming in at 570g, it is fairly heavy and costing $29.99. It’s not the cheapest. You are getting a heavy-duty stand here, though, which will make using it very easy, and it will also have the ability to hold a much heavier bike.


Excellent for heavy bikes

Very stable stand

Adjustable and easy to use


Quite heavy

Does stand out

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3. Sataway

Attachment Type: Plate Bolted

Cost: $16.99

Rating: 5 / 5

Weight: 445g

Fits: 22” to 29” bikes

The Sataway is a mix of two other stands on this list. It has the single leg of the Zosen, but it is paired with the bolt under attachment of the Lumintrail. We like the Sataway because not only does it look great, it has a lot of ability.

The stand itself bolts to either a plate on the bottom, or you can use an included adapter to attach it to the chainstays. It will work on bikes from 22” to 29,” and the stand itself is also very adjustable, so you can fine tune it, making it easier to use.

Coming in at $16.99, it’s mid-range as far as price goes, but we think it’s excellent value for money. It weighs 445g gram which for a single-leg kickstand that bolts underneath is a pretty good weight, but it is not the lightest. There’s very little bad we can say about this kickstand. It will be easy to use, look great, and work with even heavy bikes.


Great value for money

It fits a wide range

Looks good

Not too heavy



Not the lightest

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4. Rockbros Bike Kickstand

Attachment Type: Chainstay X2

Cost: $14.39

Rating: 5 / 5

Weight: 413g

Fits: 24” to 29” bikes

Rockbros are a big name when it comes to bicycle accessories, and they make a high-quality product. The kickstand is a good example of an excellent bicycle accessory that they make, and we really like how inventive they have been with this.

The first thing to mention is it is a single-leg design. It mounts in two places, on the chainstay and the tube above. This gives it much more stability and can be adjusted to fit many different types of bikes. Very few companies opt for this design, and we really like it.

It will fit bikes from 24” to 29” and only weighs 413g in total with all the extra brackets. It only costs $14.39, which is incredibly cheap, and it will be a stand that will last.


Double mounting



Easy to fit


Looks quite big on the bike.

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Kickstand Buying Tips

Will it fit your bike?

The first thing and most important thing is to check if it will fit your bike. Typically most kickstands will be fine, but it’s worth checking if the wheel size is right, and if you have a unique bike like a carbon fiber aero bike for a full suspension mountain bike, it’s worth checking the attachment.

Is it going to be strong enough?

If you plan to tour and are looking for a kickstand to take with you, you will want to ensure that it’s strong enough to take heavy loads by design. Single-leg stands that only mount on the chainstay can stop a bike from falling, but can they hold all your luggage too? We recommend a twin-leg stand if you want to carry heavy loads.

Is the Kickstand Adjustable?

Kickstands which have the ability to adjust are excellent. An adjuster means you can change the size of the leg or legs. This means you can fine tune it to work perfectly for the bike it is on, making the experience of using it so much better.


Kickstands are a great tool when it comes to cycling. It means you don’t need to lean your bike up against anything, and it can stop it from getting damaged. We highly recommend every stand on this list and feel they are all great value for money.