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Best Gravel Bike Inner Tubes: Top Picks for 2023

The best gravel bike inner tubes can withstand common challenges such as uneven trails and occasional bumps, reducing the risk of punctures and increasing your confidence in your bike’s durability.

Choosing the right inner tube can impact your riding performance, but there are several factors to consider: material, size, and weight, among others.

We dedicated hours of research and testing top gravel bike inner tubes, assessing the combination of these necessary factors to guide you in finding the perfect match for your riding needs.

This comprehensive review will assist you in choosing an inner tube that combines durability and performance for the ultimate off-road cycling experience.

Best Gravel Bike Inner Tubes

We have compiled a list of the best gravel bike inner tubes available on the market. Check out our top picks to ensure a smooth and reliable riding experience on various terrains.

Product Name Best For Purchase Link
Continental Cross 28 Bicycle Inner Tube Bundle Reliable Performance & Value Buy on Amazon
CYCLAMI RideNow Ultralight Bike Inner Tube Lightweight Performance & Durability Buy on Amazon
Continental Cross 28 Bike Inner Tubes Smooth Riding on Gravel Trails Buy on Amazon
VeloTubes 700C X Road & Gravel Bike Inner Tubes Quality & Durability on Various Terrains Buy on Amazon
Ultraverse Bike Inner Tube Durability & Ease of Installation Buy on Amazon
CYCLAMI 2-Pack Bike Tubes Lightweight & Versatile Inner Tubes Buy on Amazon

1. Continental Cross 28 Bicycle Inner Tube Bundle

Continental Cross 28 700x32-47c Bicycle Inner Tube

We recommend this tube bundle for those seeking reliable performance and value in gravel bike inner tubes.


  • Durable butyl rubber construction
  • 42mm Presta valve with removable core
  • Bundle includes 4 tubes and Conti decal


  • Slightly heavier compared to some competitors
  • Some users reported inconsistencies in sizing
  • Possible quality issues with valve stem

We recently tried out the Continental Cross 28 700×32-47c Bicycle Inner Tube Bundle on our gravel bikes and found the tubes to be reliable and sturdy. The butyl rubber construction ensures durability, suitable for the rough terrain these tubes will encounter. It is further supported by a study about BASF’s Elastollan stars in bicycle tube.

The 42mm Presta valve with its removable core makes it easy to add sealant or use a valve extender if needed. Coming in a pack of four, this bundle provides great value for those looking to stock up on high-quality inner tubes for their gravel bike adventures.

We noticed that these tubes can be slightly heavier compared to some competitors. While not a significant issue, those aiming to minimize weight may want to consider this aspect.

A few users reported inconsistencies in sizing, leading to some difficulty in installation. This seemed to be an isolated occurrence, as we did not experience this issue during our trial.

Another potential drawback we came across while researching the product was a few users mentioning a quality issue with the valve stem. Despite these isolated reports, we didn’t encounter any problems with the valves in our test.

2. CYCLAMI RideNow Ultralight Bike Inner Tube

CYCLAMI RideNow Ultralight Bike Inner Tube

Upgrade your gravel bike experience with the CYCLAMI RideNow Ultralight Bike Inner Tube, offering improved performance and durability.


  • Ultra-lightweight and reduces rolling resistance
  • Fits multiple tire sizes (700 x 32C-47C and 29″ MTB)
  • Durable TPU material, resistant to wear and oil/water


  • Relatively new product with limited user feedback
  • May require extra care when inflating
  • Unclear valve type and packaging details

We recently tried out the CYCLAMI RideNow Ultralight Bike Inner Tube on our gravel bikes and noticed an immediate difference in our rides. The special TPU material makes these inner tubes incredibly lightweight, weighing only 45 grams. In comparison to traditional butyl rubber inner tubes, it saves us about 200 grams per pair. This weight reduction allows our bikes to feel lighter and more responsive on rough terrains.

The tubes are designed for versatility, fitting different tire sizes from 700 x 32C-47C to 29″ Mountain Bike Valve Length French 45mm. This feature is great for those who like to switch between different types of rides or have multiple bikes.

The unique TPU material not only keeps the tubes light but also provides improved durability compared to standard rubber inner tubes. The material is resistant to oil and water, and it has excellent load-carrying capacity and impact resistance.

On the downside, the CYCLAMI RideNow is relatively new, with a limited number of user reviews. We found it necessary to follow the installation instructions carefully, especially when inflating – avoid going over 5psi before installing the tire. We also noticed some uncertainty regarding the valve type and packaging details, so make sure to read the product description thoroughly.

The CYCLAMI RideNow Ultralight Bike Inner Tube is a game-changer for gravel bikers looking for a lightweight and durable option. Just make sure to follow installation instructions carefully to reap the benefits of these high-performance inner tubes.

3. Continental Cross 28 Bike Inner Tubes

Continental Cross 28 700 x 32-47c Bike Inner Tubes

Smooth riding experience on gravel trails starts with the Continental Cross 28 Bike Inner Tubes.


  • Reliable and durable construction with Butyl rubber
  • Versatile fit for 32-47C tire sections
  • 60mm long Presta valve suitable for deep section rims


  • Slightly heavier at 169 grams per tube
  • Some tubes may have slow leaks
  • Made in China, potentially affecting quality consistency

The Continental Cross 28 Bike Inner Tubes are designed for cyclocross use and have impressed us with their performance on gravel trails. The seamless construction and mold-cured vulcanization ensure uniform roundness, delivering a smooth and enjoyable ride.

We found that the 60mm long Presta valve is ideal for deep section rims, and the tubes fit various tire sizes in the 32-47C section range. Made from Butyl rubber, these tubes offer reliable durability and puncture resistance, which is suggested when traversing gravel roads.

They weigh 169 grams per tube, which might be a bit on the heavier side for some cyclists. While our experience with these tubes was positive, we came across a few reviews mentioning slow leaks in some tubes.

The Continental Cross 28 Bike Inner Tubes are a reliable and solid choice for gravel biking enthusiasts.

4. VeloTubes 700C X Road & Gravel Bike Inner Tubes

VeloTubes 700C X Road & Gravel Bike Inner Tubes

We highly recommend these inner tubes for their quality and durability that handle various terrains with ease.


  • High-quality butyl rubber for fewer flats and long-lasting durability
  • Stringent quality control inspection, including a 24-hour inflation test
  • Comes in a pack of six, offering good value for money


  • Some users report inconsistent product quality
  • The narrow width of the tube might make patching challenging
  • Tubes may be smaller in diameter than expected

When we recently tried out VeloTubes 700C X Road & Gravel Bike Inner Tubes, we were impressed by their performance on both road and off-road cycling. The high-quality butyl rubber compound used in these tubes truly resulted in fewer flats, allowing us to ride confidently on various terrains.

Also noteworthy is their stringent 100% quality control inspection, which includes a 24-hour inflation test that ensures the tubes hold air properly.

A downside, however, was the occasional inconsistency with the tubes’ quality. Thankfully, this issue didn’t affect the majority of the tubes we used, but it’s something to be aware of when buying these products. Patching the tubes might be a bit challenging due to their narrow width. It’s best to have extra tubes on hand, just in case.

It’s worth mentioning that these tubes might be smaller in diameter than anticipated. This wasn’t a problem for us, but it might be important for some cyclists, depending on their bike setup and requirements.

VeloTubes 700C X Road & Gravel Bike Inner Tubes provide excellent quality, durability, and value, making them a great choice for those who enjoy multiple types of cycling. Just beware of some minor inconsistencies and be sure to have extra tubes handy for emergencies.

5. Ultraverse Bike Inner Tube

Ultraverse Bike Inner Tube

This Ultraverse Bike Inner Tube is a reliable choice for gravel bike enthusiasts seeking durability and ease of installation.


  • Robust 48mm Presta valve
  • User-friendly design
  • Puncture resistant


  • Heavy-duty rubber may add extra weight
  • May require patching after prolonged use
  • Warranty may not cover all scenarios

After recently trying out the Ultraverse Bike Inner Tube, we can confidently say that it lives up to its reputation. The heavy-duty reinforced rubber base and robust 48mm Presta valve ensure that it won’t shear off while cycling, which adds a level of security to the ride. The tubes are also specially designed to fit all types of road and cyclocross bicycles, making them a versatile option for various bike styles.

One of the standout features of these tubes is their puncture resistance. The thorn-resistant specialized tubes have been tested, and we’ve found them to be highly resistant to punctures in real-world situations. This can save time and hassle on long rides, especially if you’re prone to encountering thorny obstacles.

Ease of installation is another important factor that we appreciate about these tubes. They come complete with a Tire Lever Pro Tool Kit, making it quick and straightforward to install the inner tube. We found that we could reduce the installation time by as much as 50% with little to no effort, which is essential when you’re out on the trails and need to change a tube.

On the downside, the solid thick butyl rubber used to make these tubes might seem relatively heavier than other alternatives. This can result in extra weight on your gravel bike, which may not be ideal for some riders. The warranty offered may not cover all potholes and nails, so it’s important to read the terms and conditions carefully before making a purchase.

The Ultraverse Bike Inner Tube is an excellent option for those who need durability and convenience in a gravel bike inner tube. The puncture-resistant design, robust valve, and user-friendly installation make it well worth considering, despite some minor drawbacks.

6. CYCLAMI 2-Pack Bike Tubes

CYCLAMI Bike Tubes

We recommend the CYCLAMI 2-Pack Bike Tubes for those seeking lightweight, durable, and reliable inner tubes for their gravel bikes.


  • Lightweight TPU material
  • High temperature resistant
  • Compatible with a range of tire sizes


  • Not suitable for very rough terrain
  • May require frequent air checks
  • Tire patches may not always adhere

The CYCLAMI bike tubes are made of TPU material, which makes them lightweight and high temperature resistant. It’s a relief not to worry about hot weather damaging the tubes. They’re compatible with a wide range of tire sizes, ranging from 18/23/25/28/30/32c, making them versatile for different gravel bikes.

Riding on uneven roads, we found that these tubes provide decent impact resistance and good load-bearing capacity. Also, a research about Suggesting an Appropriate Angle for Installation of Bicycle Headlight might add more details and safety tips for safer ride. This helps prolong their service life.

For extremely rough terrain, they may not hold up as well as some other options. It’s important to monitor air pressure, as we noticed that they may lose pressure over time. The high airtightness 60mm French nozzle is a nice touch, but we still recommend checking the pressure before long rides.

One downside is that when using the 8 TPU, glue-free tire patches that are included, we found that they may not always stick well to the tubes. This could lead to more frequent flat tires, so be prepared to try alternative patching methods if needed.

For those seeking a lightweight and reliable inner tube option for their gravel bikes, the CYCLAMI 2-Pack Bike Tubes are a solid choice.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best gravel bike inner tubes, there are several key factors to consider. Understanding these features will help us make an informed decision and find the right product.

Material: Gravel bike inner tubes can be made of either butyl rubber or latex. Butyl rubber tubes are more common, affordable, and offer better puncture resistance. Latex tubes, on the other hand, are lighter and provide lower rolling resistance, but they tend to be more expensive and less durable.

Valve Type: There are two main types of valves – Presta and Schrader. Presta valves are often found on road bikes, and they have a narrower diameter. Schrader valves are more common on mountain bikes and have a wider diameter. Choose the valve type that matches the rim hole on your wheels.

Size: Ensure that the inner tube size corresponds to the tire size of your gravel bike. Inner tubes will often cover a range of tire sizes, so make sure to check the compatibility.

Thickness: Heavier, thicker tubes provide extra puncture resistance, which can be helpful on rough gravel terrain. These come at a cost of increased weight and rolling resistance. Consider your riding conditions when choosing the tube thickness.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

When buying gravel bike inner tubes, also consider the following accessories:

  • Puncture Repair Kit: It’s important to have a puncture repair kit on hand. These kits typically include patch materials and a tube of glue to fix punctures on the go.
  • Tire Levers: Tire levers make it easier to remove and install tires on your wheels. They’re invaluable when changing inner tubes during a ride.
  • Portable Pump or CO2 Inflator: A portable pump or CO2 inflator is a must-have accessory for inflating tires after replacing an inner tube or adjusting tire pressure.

By considering the factors mentioned above and ensuring we have the necessary accessories, we can confidently choose the best gravel bike inner tubes to keep our rides smooth and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brands are known for producing high-quality gravel bike inner tubes?

There are several renowned brands for high-quality gravel bike inner tubes, such as Continental, Schwalbe, Michelin, and Maxxis. These brands have been consistently producing durable and reliable products, so we recommend considering their options when purchasing a gravel bike inner tube.

What material is best for durable gravel bike inner tubes?

The best materials for durable gravel bike inner tubes are butyl rubber, latex, and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Butyl rubber is the most common material due to its affordability, durability, and puncture resistance. Latex is lighter and more supple, offering lower rolling resistance. TPU offers a mix of light weight, durability, and puncture resistance, making it a popular choice for riders seeking a modern alternative to traditional materials.

Do professional cyclists prefer a specific type of inner tube for gravel bikes?

Professional cyclists may have personal preferences when it comes to gravel bike inner tubes. Many professionals opt for latex inner tubes as they provide lower rolling resistance, which can potentially lead to faster speeds. Some professional cyclists may also use TPU inner tubes, like Tubolito, due to their light weight and puncture-resistant features.

Are Tubolito inner tubes a good investment for gravel bike tires?

Tubolito inner tubes have gained popularity among gravel bikers due to their lightweight and puncture-resistant properties. While they are more expensive than traditional inner tubes, their performance and durability can make them a worthwhile investment for riders seeking an edge in performance and reliability on their gravel bikes.

How do TPU and latex inner tubes compare for gravel biking?

Both TPU and latex inner tubes have their advantages and disadvantages for gravel biking. TPU tubes, such as those from Tubolito, are lightweight and highly puncture-resistant. They’re also known for their easy installation and compact size when not in use.

In contrast, latex tubes are lighter and more supple, leading to lower rolling resistance and potentially better ride quality. They can be more challenging to install and may require more frequent inflation. Ultimately, the choice between TPU and latex inner tubes depends on the individual cyclist’s priorities and preferences.

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